You Are Always There 


You are always there. 

When I'm hurtin', got the blues, 

Been out flirtin', 

Or just feelin' down 

From hearin' the daily news, 

Your soothin' fingers find their way, 

You seem to know just what to say, 

You are always there. 


You know who you are. 

It's so easy to give in, 

Like the trees we've seen, 

Bowin' their heads before every passing wind. 

But even storms can't make you bend. 

You are your very own best friend. 

You know who you are. 


    You are real -- so sometimes you hurt me, too 

    Yet I feel so lucky that 

    When I reach out 

    You'll be there to hold me. 


You are always there. 

Fascinations come and go -- 

Just sensations that would leave me empty, 

Wanting you more I know. 

Without your love I can't be free. 

I only want you here with me. 

Help me now to share, 

You know that I care, 

You are always there.

Image from Photo by Alvin Leong (